Deb Kelsey - Jr Everblades Memorial Scholarship
Help a Kid Play Hockey
A scholarship fund for the benefit of Jr. Everblades players that need financial assistance has been established to assist any player that may not be in a position to cover their entire fee. The Idea of the fund is to help as MANY families as we can.

The Deb Kelsey Memorial Scholarship Fund is accepting applications for financial assistance. Awards will be based on a family's financial capabilities. Applications and information can be obtained from any Jr. Everblades board member. Contributions are also being accepted to assist the fund in helping as many of our players that may be in need of financial assistance. All contributions are tax deductible.

For those of you that may not have known Deb, she was the ultimate "Hockey Mom". Deb was involved with the Jr. Everblades even before Germain (Teco) was built. She served as Team Manager of the original Mite team, and later as the Squirt Manager helping in various fundraising capacities over the years. In all of those years, Deb encouraged many people to play the sport whether it was recreational, travel or women's hockey.

Deb passed away in April 2003 and her family along with the Jr. Everblades have set up this fund. The Florida Everblades along with Craig Brush and his staff at Germain Arena have been instrumental in helping start the fund, they donated $4000 in its innaugral year and have continued contibuting every year.

Germain arena is not the same without Deb standing at the Rec. entrance, but her love of ice hockey and kids will live on through the establishment of this fund.

Contributions can be given to any board member or mailed to:


 Mike Kelsey


PO Box 1082


Estero, FL 33929



For Questions e-mail:

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