The Jr. Everblades Advertising Program


What is it?

Our JEB Advertising Program is a way for you to connect with our local business community, raise money for our hockey association AND off-set some of your player’s hockey fees all at the same time. Businesses can place ads in our annual program book, on our website, or on recreation rink dasher boards. Ad prices start at just $75 for a black & white business card size which is a great bargain and its tax deductible because we are a non-profit 501c3 designated organization.


Who Can Participate?

Any rostered JEB player’s family, JEB coaches, or assistant coaches are eligible to participate. YES COACHES, that’s right! You can sell ads to off-set some of your non-covered expenses related to hockey travel.


Why Participate?

Selling ads benefits our entire hockey association by generating revenue that helps us keep the costs to our player’s families low. Plus, you receive 50% back in the form of player account credits which reduces the amount of your player’s overall hockey tuition! We have even had families in years past cover all of their JEB hockey tuition with ad sales alone!!! Credit is applied to the final payment due for your player. All deposits and incremental monthly payments must be made on time. *For dasher board ads and banner ads sold, there is a small fee charged for artwork production which will be deducted from your % back.


How Do I Get Started & Where Do I Find Forms?

  1. Make a list of your business owner friends and business contacts in the local community that you’d like to ask to support your player.

2) Visit the JEB website and click on the “Fundraising” tab, then click on “JEB Program Advertising”. There you will find three different forms pertaining to the ad program: The first is the 2016-2017 Advertising Commitment form. This form must be fully completed for all ad sales and must accompany one of the other two forms when contacting businesses. No Exceptions. The 2nd form is an “Ad Renewal Request” letter which families who sold ads in the previous season can use to request continued support from our business friends. As complete list of ads up for renewal can also be found there. The 3rd form is the “New Ad Sales Letter” which JEB families can send to any business not currently advertising with us. Both the Renewal Request form and the New Ad Sales Letter can be downloaded and edited/ customized with your player’s/family’s personal information.

3) Contact Kim Shepard at with any additional questions!