The Heartland Hockey Camp is a very special place on earth. It is the only self-contained, privately owned hockey camp on the entire planet. As a result of this exclusive environment, all of our camp clientele enjoy an atmosphere that is void of distractions and disturbances.

This type of tranquil surrounding enhances each camper's concentration level and also intensifies the level of everyone's awareness & appreciation for the wonderful wide variety of fun-filled recreational activities & world class hockey instruction.

Situated on an 80 acre campus, the Heartland Hockey Camp takes great pride in offering outstanding hockey instruction, in a beautiful & scenic setting, in the heart of Minnesota's vacation land. In the backdrop of gorgeous lakes, fabulous recreation and natural beauty, our camp offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable hockey holiday & getaway. We encourage your entire family to take advantage of this memorable & rewarding experience.




At our camp, campers grow and learn about themselves, try new things, discover hidden talents and are taught the importance of working hard. Having fun, making friends and understanding the value of strong & impressionable work ethic, are all distinguishing features of Heartland Hockey Camp. Our camp experience is designed to help children mature socially, grow emotionally, expand intellectually and soar spiritually.

Heartland Hockey Camp is a very safe & structured environment where children can live, interact and work out with positive role models who listen, talk, relax and reflect. It is through the fun recreational activities & challenging training sessions that campers learn to work together, makes choices, learn to problem solve, take responsibility, develop creative thinking skills, gain confidence, all while improving their personal self esteem. All are necessary steps on a child's path to a healthy, enjoyable & productive life.


The Heartland Hockey Camp has a reputation of being very demanding physically. All campers will receive up to six hours of ice time each day. Our morning session is dedicated to individual skill development & it is 2 hours in duration. In the afternoon session, we focus on team play & group tactics, which also lasts 2 hours. In the evening, all campers are eligible to participate in our open hockey session, which also lasts 2 hours. Our daily off-ice training programs consist of three mandatory workouts designed to improve each player's strength, power, agility, quickness & endurance. Our professional staff will conduct rigorous daily dryland training sessions that will include sprint intervals, resistance training, plyometrics, quick foot movement, agility courses and drills designed to improve explosiveness.


As owners, we look forward to providing your child with such a positive experience. 

Have a great hockey season