FAQ's About Our Ad Program



Q: Where are the forms that I need to give to any business who wants to advertise? 


A: All forms are right here on our website and can be found under ether the tab labeled Fundraising or the tab labeled Documents.



Q: I've already sold ad spots, but I don't see credit applied to my player account. Why is this?


A: All credit from any ad sales will be applied to your final balance due. For most families, this will appear on your player account in October. You must continue to pay all of your scheduled fees by the dates due per your player agreement regardless of any ad sales.



Q: If ad credit isn't applied to my player account until the final balance due, how will I know if anyone from JEB has received any ads in support of my player?


A: Our ad program coordinator, Kim Shepard will notify any player's family by the end of each month (June, July, August & September) if any ads with complete artwork and full payment has been received for your player. 



Q: I've sold ads and my business contact(s) indicates that their check hasn't been cashed or their credit card hasn't been charged yet. Why is this?


A: Our ad program coordinator sends any complete ad info to our JEB accountant on the last day of the month (June, July, August, & September). Payments are then typically processed within a few days and credit is then applied to your player's final balance due. Please note that any incomplete ad info will not be sent to our accountant. Only ads that have usable artwork, a completed ad commitment form, and full payment are sent for processing.