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Distribution of JEB Products

The Everblades Pro Shop will distribute the jerseys, apparel, and equipment orders starting on the following days and times:

Monday, August 24         4-9 PM
Tuesday, August 25        4-9 PM
Wednesday, August 26   4-9 PM

Also any skate sharpening cards sold with orders will include a $8 rebate back to JEB.

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Magazine Fundraiser

Discount Magazine Fundraising Program

- Earn $ towards your JEB Fees!

- Most current magazines available at great prices

- 100% of the PROFITS benefit you and JEB

- No time restrictions


There a 2 ways of Selling Magazines.

1.Using the Jr Everblades Online Store

2.Using the Order Form and collecting a check



How it works using the Jr Everblades Store.

1.  Send out emails to family and friends with a link to the Jr Everblades Store.

2.  The person picks the magazine they wish to purchase and writes the player name in the “Player getting Credit for this purchase:” text box.


3.  The purchaser pays using their credit card.

4.  The orders are processed and the purchaser will receive a confirmation e-mail the order was received.



How it works using the Order Form

1.  Sell magazine subscriptions then fill out the Florida Jr Everblades Magazine Order Form

2.  Attach a check payable to Jr Everblades 

3.  Drop off the form to the Germain Recreation Office  / Jr Everblades Drawer or deliver directly to Ben Schmidt (Jr Everblades Member at Large)

4.  Orders are processed/picked-up once/wk and you will receive a confirmation e-mail the order was received



Selling magazine subscriptions where 80% of the PROFITS go back to you in the form of a credit.  

These credits can be used towards your JEB Fees or Team Fund.  20% of the profits go to JEB as a fundraiser.

Please refer any and all questions to Ben Schmidt - 


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Jr Everblades Annual Program Book


Jr. Everblades families, our Ad Program forms are now updated on the website for the 2015-2016 hockey season. For those of you who are new to our organization; ad sales in our annual program book, on our website, or on dasher boards in our recreation rinks is an excellent way to offset some of your Jr. Everblades hockey fees. We have print ad spaces available at many different sizes and price points.

For each ad sold, 50% of the profits will be applied directly towards your player's account! Yes, we do have some families who have been able to cover their entire hockey tuition with ad sales! This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our local businesses, get their name out to our families, and earn some money for your player. Ad sales questions can be sent to Kim Shepard at .

For those families who sold ad last season, you will have until July 13th, 2015 to secure renewal for those ads for the upcoming season. If we don't hear from you by that date, we will allow other families to contact these business to try to obtain a renewal.  September 14th, 2015 is our submission deadline for ALL new ad sales. This will ensure that we have plenty of time for our printer to format all ad artwork with our Jr. Everblades team photos.

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Junior Everblades Hockey Director Announced


Over the past 30 days or so, the Board of Directors has conducted an extensive search to find a new Hockey Director who may build on the organization’s success and to continue our vision of establishing the Junior Everblades as one of the premier youth hockey organizations in the country.  In total, the organization received over 50 resumes from candidates all over the US and Canada with significant hockey experience at all levels including the NHL.  After navigating a rigorous selection process and passionate discussion about each candidate, the Selection Committee was able to narrow the field to two finalists, one internal candidate and one external, for presentation to the Board of Directors for a final decision.


It is with great pleasure and excitement that the Board welcomes Jim Brown as the next Hockey Director for the Junior Everblades.  As you may know, ‘Jimmy’ has been coaching with the Junior Everblades since 2005 and most recently coached the JEB Squirt AA Team to a SAHOF State Championship this past season. He played hockey professionally for 11 years in the AHL, ECHL & 2 years in Europe after playing 4 years of major junior hockey in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL).  As our new Hockey Director, Jimmy will be committed to the skill development of all JEB players and to building a hockey culture that is fun, fosters a strong work ethic, and teaches life skills to all players.


We want to thank the membership for their patience through the selection process.  I would also like to personally express my sincere appreciation to the Selection Committee for their tireless hours involved with sifting through dozens of resumes, interviewing candidates, and eventually determining our new Hockey Director.  Your service to the organization these past 30 days or so is commendable.


We encourage you to say hello and introduce yourself to Jimmy this week at our 2015-2016 Season Tryouts!

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Consistent with USA Hockey guidelines, the Junior Everblades strongly encourages players to play in the correct division for their age. In certain limited circumstances, however, JEB Board of Directors (BOD) and Hockey Director (HD) may permit a player in his/her age division to play up to the next higher age division. Requests to play up will be granted only when that is in the best interest of both the player and the Association as a whole.



When a player will be allowed to play up:

The Association will consider granting a request to play up only when the Board of Directors and Hockey Director, in consultation with the coaches in the player’s age division and the next higher age division, conclude that a player has the skills and other qualities required to succeed in a higher age division. If the Board of Directors, Hockey Director and coaches believe a player should not play up, the player will not play up. Even if the coaches believe a player has the skills and other qualities required to succeed in a higher age division, the BOD and HD might not approve the play up request. The BOD & HD will grant play up requests only if all of the other factors the Association considers in evaluating play up requests also support allowing the player to play up. Those other factors include:

1. Whether allowing the player to play up positively impacts their development as a hockey player. It must be undeniable that allowing the player to play up is the best thing for the player’s maturation and development process as a hockey player. This will be discussed with coaches, directors and hockey specialists. The player must be an exceptional talent and must stand out from the norms.    

2. Whether allowing a player to play up positively or negatively affects the Association's ability to form teams or second teams at either affected age level.

3. Starting in the 2011-12 season USA Hockey made rule change, moving the age of legal body checking in games from 12 & Under (Peewee) to 14 & Under (Bantam).  The implementation of this rule changed the landscape of youth hockey in the United States in a positive manner. Behind this proposal are numerous studies and research done by USA Hockey to improve not just the health and safety of young hockey players, but the overall game as well. Allowing a player to play up in a checking level before they are of appropriate age, is counter to the goals of the USA Hockey rule change.For this reason, it is very unlikely a player requesting to move up to a checking level will be approved in any case.

4. Whether allowing a player to play up afford more players overall the opportunity to play travel hockey in the Association.

5. Whether allowing a player to play up would involve the player taking the position of an age-appropriate player who would then be left with no position on an Association team. Playing up will not be allowed in that circumstance.

As stated in the bylaws and rules the Board of Directors and Hockey Director will make the final decision allowing or not allowing a player to be rostered in a higher age division after consulting with the coaches in the affected age divisions, subject to Board approval. Those decisions will be final, and are not subject to appeal or other reconsideration.



The process for requesting permission to play up:

To implement these guidelines in a manner that is fair to each family and player in the Association, the following specific rules and deadlines will apply:

1.    Parents who want the Association to consider allowing their child to play up must submit a written request to the JEB Hockey Director at least 10 days before the first designated tryout date for the division the player wants to move up to. The submission of this request does not mean a player will be allowed to play at the higher age level or even that he/she will be allowed to attend a tryout for a higher age division. The written request simply notifies the Association that a particular player wants to be considered for the higher age division.

Play up requests must include a signed copy of the Junior Everblades Risk Acknowledgement and Liability Waiver form, acknowledging the risks associated with playing outside of a participant’s age classification. This form may be obtained from the website.

2.    The JEB Hockey Director, in consultation with the coaches in the affected age divisions, will evaluate each request under the guidelines described above, subject to Board approval. The Hockey Director will notify parents who have submitted a written play up request whether the Association has decide to allow or not to allow particular players to try out at a higher age division. Allowing a player to come to a tryout for a higher age division does not mean that the player will make a team in that division, only that the player is being given the opportunity to be evaluated along with other players who attend the tryouts.

3.    In some years, the Association could conclude as tryouts approach that the number of players anticipated to attend tryouts may not be sufficient to form the number of teams the Association hopes to form in some divisions. If that happens, the JEB BOD and HD, in consultation with the coaches in the affected age divisions, may determine that the best interests of the Association would be served by inviting second year players from one age division to attend one or more of the tryouts in the next higher age division. The BOD and HD will notify the parents of those players as soon as possible if that decision is made.

4. Additional fees may apply to players who are approved to try out for a team above age and attending multiple tryout sessions.



Rules that apply when a player is allowed to play up:

If the Junior Everblades allow a player to play up in a particular year, the following rules will apply to that player:

1. The BOD and Hockey Director reserve the right to reverse a decision allowing a participant to play-up at any time up to December 15 based on the recommendations of the coaches involved, subject to Board and HD approval. If a player that has moved up is experiencing difficulty at the higher age level, as determined by the coaches and Hockey Director, the player may be moved back to his or her age-appropriate division. This will allow the registrar time to complete the necessary changes on the rosters prior to the December 31 deadline. No refund will be provided if a player is moved to their appropriate age group for any reason.

2. If the Association allows a player to move to the next higher age division, the player must forfeit their number if a player is already using that number on the team at that higher age level.

3. If the Association allows a player to move to the next higher age division, the participant is responsible for all costs associated with playing at the next higher age division.

4. If the Association allows a player to move to play at the next higher age division, the decision is valid only for that season.

For more information and to submit your request please contact the Hockey Director or Board of Directors.

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We've added a Jr. Everblades Wallpaper page.

The link is on the left hand side of our main page.

Pick your favorite wallpaper for your computer and show your Jr Everblades pride! 


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